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Question of the Day 30 Day Challenge

Raising the Question 30 Day Challenge

Why should we use a question of the day? It is estimated that we ask ourselves around 60,000 questions a day. This is quite an impressive figure until you realize that 95% of those questions are the very same questions we asked ourselves yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.

The Question of the Day ’30 day challenge’ dares you to break that pattern and make a conscious decision to challenge your mind and ask yourself at least one fresh new question each day.

Raising the question offers you a question of the day. All you need to do is ask yourself the question and reply with a response in the comments section of that question. The process of answering the question in writing ensures that you really get to take in the question and let it form new pathways in your mind as you respond.

It’s always fun to see what other people have replied to the same question as well, but no cheating, make sure you place your response before browsing through other peoples.

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