About Us

Quite simply, questions fascinate me. We all have the most impressively powerful tool between our ears, but we leave it on autopilot most of the time, like a firehose without anyone hanging on to it. Questions help us to the point that hose where ever we want it to go.


What can questions do?

Questions let us do so many things, like uncovering forgotten memories from years gone by that make us smile, make us laugh, make us feel loved. We can feel connected whenever we want.

Questions unleash our imagination and let us enjoy all possible realities any time we want. Then we get to choose the one we like the most, and with the right questions, they reveal the path to make it happen.

Questions are the key to it all.

Raising the Question is about having fun with our minds, helping us to think in all-new ways, and to see worlds we would not have even imagined. To help us grow into the people that can do amazing things, bigger and better than we ever dreamed, and have a bunch of fun on the way.

Don't you just love questions?

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