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We all use questions each and every day, but have you ever stopped to think about what happens when you ask a question? Your mind is literally programmed to find answers to any questions you ask, and done correctly, you can do amazing things with them. Here are 8 tips for asking better questions.

1. Be brave

Anyone that has done the impossible has asked the questions no-one else was asking, either because they didn't think to or they were afraid to. Sometimes it takes some courage to ask a new question, even if it's just in your own head.

2. Keep asking

Often you need to ask questions more than once, often many times if you are serious about getting new answers. Give yourself time to process new questions and keep coming back to them for as long as it takes. Be patient and you will find new answers coming from the most unlikely places. You just need the determination to keep asking the question.

3. Believe

Know there are answers out there, and you will find them if you keep asking. If you think it's an impossible question, chances are your mind will prove you right. If you do believe there are answers out there, and you keep asking enough, your mind will also prove you right.

4. New voices

Think about where you can go for inspiration. Maybe there is a book you can read or someone you can talk to. Even if you don't directly get the answers you need, it can often spark an idea or a new path to go down next. You never know where it might lead you.

5. Write it down

Write your answers down, no matter how crazy they might be. Often the big payoffs come from a long chain of ideas or thoughts, each one sparking the next one, so write them down and keep asking until you find the answers you're looking for.

6. Timing is everything

Some people ask themselves questions before they go to sleep, and allow their mind to process them while they're asleep. Others find inspiration in the shower under the running water. Experiment with your questions throughout your day and find out what works for you.

7. Get creative

Ask questions from extreme ends of a perspective. Ask questions involving completely unrelated subjects. Get creative. We can get locked into a particular train of thought, and asking crazy questions can break us free from our habitual thought patterns and spark new life into our answers.

8. Have fun

Have fun with your questions. Your mind is hard-wired to avoid pain and to seek pleasure. The more fun you have with your questions, the more your mind will work to find your answers, and the more likely you are to follow through. Make it fun and celebrate your wins, big and small.

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