Was your childhood exactly as you remember it?

Was your childhood exactly as you remember it?

A few years ago I got the chance to revisit my childhood home 20 years after moving out and I must say, it was quite the eye opener. As you can imagine, so many memories came flooding back, but there was one revelation I was not expecting.

I spent my early years living with my grandparents and remember doing all the usual kid stuff, like building a cubbyhouse in the bushes, exploring the orchard behind us, but most of all, I remember my favorite hiding spot. It was in the bathroom behind the built-in bath and looked like a bench, but as a kid, the coolest thing was that the benchtop could lift to reveal a secret space inside the bath cavity. As a child, this was the best hiding spot ever.

What childhood memories have you revisited as an adult?

We moved away when I was six and only got to return 20 years later when my wife got a random cleaning job in the very same house I grew up in. The elderly lady that now lived there kindly let me revisit my childhood home. I was so excited to see the house that starred in so many of my childhood memories.

It was an amazing and memorable experience, but one thing caught me by surprise more than anything else. The house was so much smaller than I remembered. And of course, my favorite bathroom hiding spot, the room I used to hide away in, was barely big enough to fit anything, let alone a human being. At that moment, my childhood world seemed like a completely different world than the one I now know as an adult.

Have you ever watched one of your childhood TV shows, only to find it's nothing like you remember it? What else have you revisited and found it was nothing like you remember it?

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