What advice would you give a friend in your situation?

Have you ever noticed how we can think calmly and logically when a friend comes to us with a problem? But when it comes to thinking through our own issues, it’s always much more complicated, and the solution is anything but obvious.

When it comes to other people’s problems, we are on the outside looking in. Often we are not caught up in the emotion of it all and perhaps lack all the intricate details but can make a logical prognosis with the information we have, and it all seems like common sense.

But when it comes to our own issues, it’s a different story. Either we have some information and our brain is filling in the blanks with all the worst-case scenarios from our past experiences, or we do have all the information and our brain is coming up with every excuse to steer away from any painful solutions, even if deep down we know it is the right one.

Try taking a few deep breaths and imagine a good friend is coming to you with the same situation. What advice would you give them?

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