What does the world need more of?

What does the world need more of?

Have you ever seen someone do something heroic, or generous, or kind, and somebody comments “the world could use a lot more of that”?

So my question for you is ... what does the world need more of?

So often it's easy to feel like the world is broken and that we need big changes to really make a difference, but when you ask a question like this, so many times it's the little things that we crave the most.

Personally, I believe change happens when we start asking a new question, a better question. We spend so much time and energy coming up with better answers, and very rarely take the time to think about if we’re asking the right questions.

Whether it's personally, as a community, a nation, or even on a global scale, I think the world needs more time and effort spent on our ability to ask better questions. With technology offering answers literally at our fingertips, the only limits we have on the future we create is the quality of the questions we are willing to ask ourselves.

What do you think the world needs more of?

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