What else could this mean?

What else could this mean?

Have you ever been waiting for a loved one, and they haven't shown up when they were supposed to? To make things even worse, they weren't answering their phone either.

Suddenly your brain starts racing and coming up with all these worst case scenarios about what’s happened to them. The longer they take the more you wind yourself up.

Finally they arrive and you pounce on them with all your worry. When they finally explain, there is a perfectly harmless reason for their delay, and nothing worth worrying about.

What else do you worry about?

We all do it, letting our fears take over, and causing us to waste time and energy worrying about things before we even have all the facts.

Next time you are in this situation and your head is racing, catch yourself and try asking…

What else could this mean?

Try coming up with a couple of perfectly valid explanations that DO NOT involve fire and ambulances.

It won't be easy at first, but once you master it, learning to control your thinking (and your emotions) with effective questioning will start to flow into every aspect of your life.

What else could this mean? Let this one question become your new secret weapon.

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